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Some things you should know about us

Peter J. Liska Attorney at Law

Peter J. Liska specializes in representing depository institutions and business clients. He represents over two dozen credit unions from the smallest to the largest in the State of New Jersey and was counsel to Garden State Corporate Central Credit Union, New Jersey's only corporate central credit union, until its merger with Empire Corporate. In addition to representing financial institutions, he also represents credit union service organizations providing automobile leasing, securities and insurance products and other consumer financial services. He represents CUMAnet, one of the largest mortgage credit union service organization in the United States.

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A frequent lecturer and public speaker he participates in his clients' strategic planning sessions, board and senior management programs and provides workshops for employees. An extensive writer, he has prepared over 300 legislative updates on the financial services industry for his clients, as well as numerous policy manuals and guides. Most recent examples would include the CARD Act revisions to Regulation Z, multi-featured open-end lending, Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act revisions to Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs and HUD-1 Closing Statement, Courtesy Pay Program revisions and the SAFE Act and Mortgage Loan Originator Registration.

Mr. Liska provides a full range of legal services to his financial institution clients including assistance in matters involving corporate governance, implementation of new services with an emphasis on electronic delivery of consumer financial services, compliance assistance, contract negotiation, charter expansion, regulatory matters with both federal and state supervisory agencies, personnel matters, bond claims, automobile leasing, all aspects of real estate including mortgage lending, land use development, zoning and planning, loan workouts, asset recovery, bankruptcy and foreclosure. He also acts as a consultant to his clients for unique problems and issues. As an advisor to his clients he seeks efficient cost-effective solutions, including alternative dispute resolution for his clients. He has been a commercial arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association for more than fifteen years, focusing on the resolution of commercial and construction claims.

Our Services

The services we provide our credit union clients

Assistance in the Operation of the Credit Union

Some of our credit union clients have small staffs and the employees are often responsible for several different jobs. In the years that we have represented credit unions, we have resolved all types of operational problems experienced by our credit union clients. Many times these problems can be resolved by a simple telephone call, and we encourage our credit union clients to have their staff contact our office when a problem arises. Among the many items of assistance rendered by our office to the credit union concerning its operation are the following:

Resolving operational problems involving virtually every department of the Credit Union including:

  • Teller Operation
  • Deposit and Loan Accounts
  • Loan Collateral
  • Deceased Member Accounts
  • Employee Disputes
  • Claims Involving Terminated Employees
  • Trust Accounts
  • IRAs
  • Reporting to the IRS
  • Disputes with Members
  • Disputes with Credit Union Vendors
  • Fraud and Theft Claims
  • Stop Payment Inquiries
  • Review of Powers of Attorney
  • Adjustable Rate Loan Inquiries
  • Relationship with Corporate Sponsor
  • Escheat of Unclaimed Property
  • Records Retention Inquiries
  • Counterfeiting Issues
  • Job Descriptions
  • Loan Promotion Issues
  • Teller Shortages
  • IRS Backup Withholding
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Services
  • Employee Loan Discount Programs
  • Bylaw Amendments
  • Annual Meeting and Election Issues
  • Audio Response Disclosures and Problems
Our office also provides assistance to our clients concerning the following areas:
  • Resolving problems with automobile loans, including disputes with automobile dealers involving change in automobile, no title or no lien
  • Obtaining automobiles from storage yards or garagemen and resolving disputes involving property subject to credit union lien
  • Handling of disputes involving operational errors and mistakes
  • Wire transfers and Automated Clearing House problems
  • Field of membership issues and charter expansion requests
  • Resolving problems associated with subpoena of credit union documents and employees
  • Grand jury subpoenas of credit union employees
  • Investigation requests from authorities and restrictions imposed by the Right to Financial Privacy Act

Compliance Matters

Our office renders assistance to the credit union in all areas affecting compliance with applicable federal and state law and regulation. Including the following:

  • Truth-In-Savings
  • Truth-In-Lending
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Expedited Funds Availability Act
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Act
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
  • Flood Insurance
  • New Jersey Uniform Commercial Code
  • The Bank Secrecy Act
  • The Privacy Act
  • Freedom Of Information Act
  • Regulation G
  • Service Members Civil Relief Act
  • IRS Reporting Requirements
  • Regulation E

Contract Review

Our office reviews all contracts involving the credit union's operation and vendors such as the following:

  • Sharedraft Processing Agreements
  • Data Processing Agreements
  • Credit Scoring And Credit Prescreening Agreement
  • Contracts Involving The Credit Union's Corporate Sponsor
  • Optical Disk Storage Agreements
  • Marketing Agreements
  • Agreements With Third Party Vendors
  • Contracts Involving Electronic Fund Transfer Switches, Networks, And Internet Services
  • Student Loan And Other State And Federal Guarantee Loan Programs
  • Loan Participation Agreements With Other Credit Unions
  • Leases For Credit Union Offices
  • Loan Guarantee Agreements With Corporate Sponsor
  • Contracts With Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit Union Services

Deposit Accounts - At the request of the credit union, we render assistance in the offering and development of credit union loan services including deposit accounts such as share, sharedraft, share certificate and IRA accounts, preparation of account agreement cards, disclosure forms, truth-in-savings disclosure documents and policies, development of telephonic access to credit union accounts.

Loan Accounts - Our office also provides assistance in the offering and implementation of credit union loan services including working with the credit union staff to develop the documentation, policies, and terms for new loan programs, preparation of application forms, disclosures, loan documents, and other documents necessary for the program.

New Services - Many of our credit union clients find our past experience in assisting credit unions and offering new services is valuable to the credit union when it develops and new deposit or loan service. Recently, we have worked with our clients in developing such new services as commercial loans, church loans and student loans, the sale of investment in insurance products at the credit union offices, expedited loan programs, pre-screened and pre-approved loan programs, home banking and electronic delivery of credit union services access to EFT networks and switches which enable credit union members to participate in ATM programs despite the fact that the credit union does not own any proprietary ATM machines; participation in the shared branching program; automobile leasing; the sale of investments and insurance products at credit union offices; expedited loan programs; interest free IRS tax refund loans; prescreened and pre-approved credit card loans, 24 hour loan services, electronic branches and access to the Internet.

Mortgage Program

Our office has developed an extensive mortgage program to assist the credit union in implementing and offering mortgage loans including first and second, fixed and variable rate mortgages, and home equity loans. Our office assists the credit union in developing the complete mortgage program and including establishing the terms under which the loans will be offered to credit union members, development of written loan policies, and preparation of all of the necessary forms, disclosures, and loan documents. Our office has prepared sample application forms, commitment letters, disclosure statements, general closing instructions, final closing instructions, and mortgage loan checklist for use by the credit union. We also act as review attorney for all of our credit union clients offering first mortgage loan. Our office also assists our credit union clients in servicing mortgage loans, including handling real estate tax and insurance escrow issues, delinquency, flood insurance matters and other issues arising during the term of the mortgage loan.

Regulatory Assistance

During the many years that we have represented credit union clients, we have developed a relationship with both the National Credit Union Administration, and the New Jersey Department of Banking. Our office communicates with representatives of Region II of the National Credit Union Administration on a regular basis and we are familiar with most of the examiners, supervisory examiners, and members of the General Counsel's Office of the National Credit Union Administration. We have handled virtually every type of regulatory problem arising from the operation of the credit union from simple matters up to and including the conservatorship of a credit union. We monitor changes in the regulatory procedures, including receiving all of the National Credit Union Administration Letters to Credit Union, regulatory changes, bylaw amendments and manuals. Our office also maintains electronic access to the NCUA Bulletin Board and Records, including access to all Interpretive Ruling and Policy Statements ("IRPS") and opinion letters of the General Counsel's Office.

Among the many issues previously resolved with NCUA on behalf of our credit union clients are field of membership and charter expansion issues, disputes including the adequacy of allowances for losses account, disputes concerning write-down of investments, CAMEL ratings, member business loans, real estate loans in foreclosure. Our office also has substantial experience in negotiating with NCUA concerning findings set forth in the record of action and requests for letters of understanding.

My office also communicates with representatives of the New Jersey Department of Banking concerning state law issues, which would apply to both our state chartered and federally chartered clients.

Personnel Matters

During the past few years personnel matters have become increasingly more common with our credit union clients. Employees today have a heightened sense of expectation as to their rights as an employee which often conflict with the "Employment-at-Will" policy of the New Jersey courts. Our office assists the credit union in preparation and review of the credit union personnel manual. Our office also monitors New Jersey law and court decisions for personnel issues, which would affect the credit union. We handle disputes involving the demotion, transfer, hiring or firing of credit union employees and represent the credit union in claims filed by employees with the New Jersey Superior Court as well as the New Jersey Department of Labor and the Division of Civil Rights. Our office assists the credit union in complying with the Conscientious Employee Protection Act and the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination as well as the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and other employee legislation which is applicable to the credit union.

Meet Our Staff

We are here to help you with anything you need

Elizabeth A. Hopkins Attorney / Real Estate and Mortgage Specialist
Elizabeth A. Hopkins

Elizabeth A. Hopkins is the firm's real estate and mortgage specialist. Ms. Hopkins handles the sale of properties that our credit union clients acquire as a result of a foreclosure action. In doing so, Ms. Hopkins reviews the initial contract, negotiates amendments to the contract during the attorney review period, resolves disputes that arise between the parties during the contract period, reviews the title binder to detect and resolve title issues, prepares the closing documents and attends the closing. Ms. Hopkins also handles landlord/tenant problems in connection with the sale of these properties. As a mortgage specialist, Ms. Hopkins reviews title packages for our clients prior to the closing in order to detect and resolve legal problems including ownership problems, tidelands issues, outstanding liens/claims on the property and boundary problems such as easements, encroachments, overlaps and boundary line disputes. Ms. Hopkins also reviews Power of Attorney documents and assists our clients with problems that arise in connection with decedent's accounts. Ms. Hopkins is also an experienced adoption attorney and is one of twelve attorneys in the State of New Jersey admitted to the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. Ms. Hopkins received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rutgers University, Douglass College in 1980 and her Juris Doctor Degree from Seton Hall University School of Law in 1983.

Representative clients:

  • Affinity Federal Credit Union
  • Allegacy Federal Credit Union
  • Atlantic Federal Credit Union
  • B-M S Federal Credit Union
  • Central Jersey Federal Credit Union
  • Credit Union of New Jersey
  • CUMAnet, LLC
  • Financial Resources Federal Credit Union
  • Garden Savings Federal Credit Union
  • Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union
  • Hamilton Horizons Federal Credit Union
  • Healthcare Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Jersey Central Federal Credit Union
  • Mercer County NJ Teachers' Federal Credit Union
  • Merck Employees Federal Credit Union
  • NJ Gateway Federal Credit Union
  • Princeton Federal Credit Union
  • Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union
  • United Nations Federal Credit Union

Legislative Updates

Guides, Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Abandoned Vehicles - Ability of State or County to Sell VehicleCollection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201805225/22/2018Sale at Auction; Notice of Possession of Motor Vehicle; Failure to Redeem Vehicle
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005Collection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201701011/1/2017Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Limit on Bankruptcy Discharge; Limit on Bankruptcy Filings; Means Test; Bankruptcy Counseling; Multiple Filings; Credit Counseling; Automatic Stay; Vacating Automatic Stay; Redemption; Luxury Goods;
CFPB Fines Navy Federal Credit Union Over Debt Collection PracticesCollection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201701011/1/2017Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; CFPB; Navy Federal Credit Union; Consent Order; Deceptive Debt Collection Communications
Change In Bankruptcy RulesCollection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201701011/1/2017
Collection Services AgreementCollection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201701011/1/2017
Correctly Reporting Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy to Credit Reporting AgenciesCollection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201701011/1/2017Fair Credit Reporting Act; FCRA; Reporting Credit Information Accurately;
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Bankruptcy But Were Afraid to AskCollection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201701011/1/2017Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Limit on Bankruptcy Discharge; Limit on Bankruptcy Filings; Means Test; Bankruptcy Counseling; Multiple Filings; Credit Counseling; Automatic Stay; Vacating Automatic Stay; Redemption; Luxury Goods; Cash Advances; Reaffirmation; Fraud; Filing Proof of Claim
New Jersey Fair Foreclosure ActCollection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201701011/1/2017Foreclosure; Mortgage; Notice of Intent to Foreclose; Notice of Intent; Right to Cure;
Selling Repossessed Collateral - UCC - 198Collection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure201701011/1/2017Uniform Commercial Code; UCC; Article 9, Disposition Notice; Deficiency Notice; Calculation of Surplus or Deficiency; Liability for Non-Compliance; Right to Redeem Collateral.
NJ Foreclosure Procedures, Fair Foreclosure Act, Short Sales and Deeds in LieuCollection, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure2023122012/20/2023Foreclosure Procedures FFA Short Sales Deed in Lieu
ACH Origination Agreement (Short Form)Electronic Banking201701011/1/2017National Automated Clearing House Association; NACHA; Rejection of Entries; Return of Entries;
ACH Origination Agreement (Long Form)Electronic Banking201701011/1/2017National Automated Clearing House Association; NACHA; Rejection of Entries; Return of Entries;
Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System by Satoshi NakamotoElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017
Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin (Crypto) CurrencyElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017
Credit Card and ATM/Debit Card Unauthorized or Disputed Charges PolicyElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017
Disclaimer for Weblink RelationshipsElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017
Electronic Banking ServicesElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017Mobile; Electronic Wallet; Remote Deposit; Electronic Delivery of Credit Union Statements and Disclosures; Electronic Signatures;
Electronic Communications PolicyElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017Acceptable Use; Unacceptable Contents; Electronic Forgery; Transmitting Confidential Information; Encryption; Text Messages; Cell Phone; E-Mail
Electronic Signatures RoundtableElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017E-Sign, Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act; ESIGN; Electronic Signature; New Jersey Uniform Electronic Transfers Act; NJUETA; Record Retention
Identity Theft Fraud Notification and Best Practices to AcquirersElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017New Jersey Identity Theft Protection Act; Social Security Number; Notice of Security Breach; Confidential Information
Internet Bank Fraud Operations GuideElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017Phishing; Federal Trade Commission (FTC); Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council; E-Banking Manual; Web-Linking; FFIEC;
Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure and Bill Payment Agreement and DisclosureElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017
Primer on Mobile Financial ServicesElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017
Remote Deposit Capture - A Primer
- Remote Deposit Capture Agreement
Electronic Banking201701011/1/2017Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act; Check 21 Act; Customer Screening; Vendor Screening;
Remote Deposit Capture AgreementElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017
Web Site Privacy DisclosuresElectronic Banking201802222/22/2018
Website Terms and ConditionsElectronic Banking201701011/1/2017
Address Confidentiality Program PolicyEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017ACP; Identification Card; ACP Identification Card; Financial Crimes Enforcement Network; FINCEN; Customer Identification Program;
Disability DiscriminationEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); New Jersey Law Against Discrimination; LAD; Reasonable Accommodation; Undue Hardship
Federal Family and Medical Leave Act
- Family and Medical Leave Notice (Federal)
- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Federal)
Employment Matters201701011/1/2017Job Restoration; Employer Notice
Family and Medical Leave Notice (Federal)Employment Matters201701011/1/2017
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Federal)Employment Matters201701011/1/2017
Federal Overtime Pay Rule Halted by Court InjunctionEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017United States Department of Labor; White Collar Workers Overtime Exemption
FFIEC Guidance on Social Media with short form and long form attachedEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council; Member Compliance; Risk Management Guidelines
National Labor Relations Board Guidance on Employers Social Media PoliciesEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Family Leave Act
- NJ Family Leave Act Fact Sheet
- NJ Family Leave Act Frequently Asked Questions
Employment Matters201701011/1/2017Civil Unions; Advance Notice; Medical Certification; Job Protection
NJ Family Leave Act Fact SheetEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017
NJ Family Leave Act Frequently Asked QuestionsEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017
New Jersey / Federal Whistleblower LawsEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA); Prohibition Against Employer Retaliatory Action
New Jersey Opportunity to Compete Act a/k/a `Ban the Box` on Employment Application FormsEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017Crime; Convicted of a Crime; Employment Applications; Criminal Background Checks; Credit Report for Employment Purposes; Credit Report; Criminal Record
New Jersey Pregnant Worker`s Fairness ActEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017Law Against Discrimination; LAD
New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act
- SAFE Act Notice
Employment Matters201701011/1/2017Safe Act; Unpaid Leave; Domestic Violence; Sexually Violence Offense; Adverse Employment Action
SAFE Act NoticeEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act and New Jersey Smoking LawEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Social Media Privacy LawEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017Prohibition Against User Names, Passwords or other information; Social Media Accounts; Social Media
New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance LawEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Wage and Hour Laws
- Wage and Hour Law Frequently Asked Questions
Employment Matters201701011/1/2017Overtime, Deduction from Employee’s Pay; Exempt Employee; National Guard; Reserve; Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve; ESGR; Military Affiliation; USERRA; Fair Credit Reporting Act; FCRA; Consumer Report; Adverse Action; Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act; Investigative Reports; Consumer Reports; Minimum Wage; Overtime; Independent Contractor; Child Labor; Payroll Deductions; Frequency of Payment of Wages; Benefits; Break Periods; Jury Duty; Lie Detector Tests; Drug Tests
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act - Credit Union Employees in the Reserve or National GuardEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017National Guard; Reserve; Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve; ESGR; Military Affiliation; USERRA
Using Consumer Reports for Employment PurposesEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017Fair Credit Reporting Act; FCRA; Consumer Report; Adverse Action; Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act; Investigative Reports; Consumer Reports
Wage and Hour Law Frequently Asked QuestionsEmployment Matters201701011/1/2017Minimum Wage; Overtime; Independent Contractor; Child Labor; Payroll Deductions; Frequency of Payment of Wages; Benefits; Break Periods; Jury Duty; Lie Detector Tests; Drug Tests
Overtime Exemptions Department of Labor Final Rule Increasing Salary ThresholdsEmployment Matters202407107/10/2024Overtime Exemptions Labor Final Rule Salary Thresholds
Paid Sick LeaveEmployment Matters2018100410/4/2018
New Jersey Equal Pay ActEmployment Matters2018102410/24/2018NJ, New Jersey, Equal Pay Act
NJ Law Prohibits Employers From Asking About Past SalaryEmployment Matters201908088/8/2019NJ Law, Employers, Past Salary
New Jersey's Cannabis LawEmployment Matters202205275/27/2022cannabis marijuana
Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act PolicyFederal Regulations202303103/10/2023Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Policy
911 Direct Dialing for Multi-line Telephone SystemsFederal Regulations202104064/6/2021911, Direct Dialing, Multi-line, Telephone Systems
The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)Federal Regulations202001231/23/2020servicemembers, service members, act, scra
Federal Real ID ActFederal Regulations201901291/29/2019Federal, ID, Act
Overview of the Regulation E Requirements for Foreign Remittance TransfersFederal Regulations201902042/4/2019Regulation E
Red Flags PolicyFederal Regulations201805065/6/2018
Regulation CC - Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks - Compliance GuideFederal Regulations201805065/6/2018
ADA Compliance for the Credit Union`s WebsiteFederal Regulations201801121/12/2018Americans with Disabilities Act; ADA; Automatic Teller Machine; ATM; Accessible Design; Braille
ADA Guidelines for ATMsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Bank Secrecy Act
- Federal Reserve Board FAQs Relating to CIP Program Rules
Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017USA Patriot Act; CIP; Identification Standards; Customer Identification Program
Federal Reserve Board FAQs Relating to CIP Program RulesFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Bank Secrecy Act; Customer Identification Program
Card Act Requirements for Overdraft Services for ATM and Debit AccountsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Regulation E; Electronic Funds Transfer Act
Closed End Mortgage Disclosures - Regulation Z RevisionsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Contract Provision & Addendum to be Added to All Contracts With Service Providers with Access to CU Member Confidential InformationFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Confidential Information; Member Confidential Information
CU HARP and CU SIP ProgramsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Home Affordable Programs; HAMP
Dodd-Frank Act and the Consumer Protection Bureau
- Brief Summary of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
- Legislative Summary of Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection
- Unlimited Share Insurance for Noninterest-bearing Accounts
Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Brief Summary of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection ActFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Legislative Summary of Wall Street Reform and Consumer ProtectionFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Unlimited Share Insurance for Noninterest-bearing AccountsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Electronic Signatures Records at Financial Institutions - Part IFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act; E-Sign; Electronic Signatures; Electronic Records; NJ Uniform Electronic Transfer Act; NJUETA
Electronic Signatures in Member Finance - Part IIFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Electronic Delivery of Disclosures; Electronic Periodic Statements; Member Affirmative Consent; Member Affirmative Consent for Electronic Delivery of Periodic Statements; Disclosure in Accordance with E-Sign
E-Mail Archiving Amendments to Federal Rules of Civil ProceduresFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Fair Credit Reporting Affiliate Marketing RegulationsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Fair Credit Reporting Act; FCRA; Affiliate; Affiliate Marketing; Opt-Out Notice
Federal Predatory Lending RulesFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Final Model Privacy Forms - NCUA Regulation Part 716 RevisionsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Financial Institution LetterFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Military Lending Act; MLA; Military Annual Percentage Rate; MAPR
Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act of 2006 - Amendment to FCU ActFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
FTC Holder in Due Course RuleFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Preservation of Consumer’s Claim and Defenses; FTC; FTC Notice
FTC Risk-Based Pricing RuleFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Garnishment of Accounts Containing Federal BenefitsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Notice of Right to Garnish Federal Benefits; U.S. and Child Support Orders
Health Savings Accounts - Part OneFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017HSA
Health Savings Accounts - Part TwoFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017HSA
HOPA Reg Z Changes for Higher Priced Mortgage LoansFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Home Ownership and Equal Protection Act; Higher Priced Mortgage Loans; Requirements for Certain Closed-End Mortgages
Identity Theft Red Flags RuleFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Red Flag; Identity Theft Policy; Covered Account
Information Sharing Between Financial Institutions - USA Patriot ActFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Bank Secrecy Act; Anti-Money Laundering; USA Patriot Act; Patriot Act; Information Request
IRA Accounts Required Minimum Distributions in 2009 Waived by CongressFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017IRA; Minimum Distribution for IRA
Obligations of the Credit Union When Providing Information to Credit Reporting AgenciesFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Fair Credit Reporting Act; FCRA; Consumer Reporting Agencies; CRA; Furnisher; Furnisher of Information; Providing Information to CRA; Providing Information to Credit Reporting Agency
Office of Foreign Assets Control PolicyFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017OFAC Policy; Specially Designated National; SDN; Blocking; Blocked Account; Specially Designated National; OLFAC List
Operations Guide - Advertising Requirements for Loan and Deposit AccountsFederal Regulations201801231/23/2018
Operations Guide - Check 21Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017Regulation CC; Truth-in-Lending Law; Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act; Check 21 Act; Truncation; Substitute Check; Reconverted Bank
Operations Guide - Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices ActFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017UDAAP; Unfair Act or Practice; Misrepresentation About Loan Terms; Abusive Practices
Overdraft Disclosure Amendments to NCUA Truth-in-Savings RegulationFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Courtesy Pay;
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017Obamacare
Prescreened Lists and Notice Requirements, use restrictions under the Fair Credit Reporting ActFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Fair Credit Reporting Act; FCRA; Consumer Credit Reports; CCR; Prescreening; Offer of Credit; Firm Offer of Credit; Short Form Notice; Long Form Notice
Prize-Linked Savings AccountsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017American Savings Protection Act; PLSA; Lottery; Raffle; Save to Win
Regulation B - Changes to Adverse Action Notice & Fair Credit Reporting ActFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Regulation C - Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
- Amendments to Regulation C - Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (Nov. 2017)
Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
Amendments to Regulation C - Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (Nov. 2017)Federal Regulations2017111411/14/2017
Regulation CC Amendments - Remotely Created ChecksFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Regulation D Operations GuideFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Reserves
Regulation E Amendments For Electronic Check ConversionsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Electronics Funds Transfer Act
Regulation E Amendments - Remittance TransfersFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Electronics Funds Transfer Act
Regulation E - Electronic Funds Transfers (Revisions for ATM Fee Disclosures)Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017Electronics Funds Transfer Act
Regulation U - Stock Secured Loans (Formerly Regulation G)Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Regulation Z - Credit Card SolicitationsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Truth-in-Lending Law
Regulation Z Proposed Changes -- The Potential Impact on Open-end Lending
- CUNA Webinar Slide Show
Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017Truth-in-Lending Law
CUNA Webinar Slide ShowFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
- SCRA Policy with Attachments
Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017SCRA; SSCRA;
SCRA Policy with AttachmentsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act)
- FACT Act Risk-Based Pricing Notice
Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017FACT; FACT Act;
FACT Act Risk-Based Pricing NoticeFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Theft of Member InformationFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Response Programs for Unauthorized Access to Customer Information; Unauthorized Access to Information, Response Program; Customer Notice; Disposal of Confidential Information
Unlawful Internet Gambling (Prohibition of Funding of) - Regulation GGFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Regulation GG
USA PATRIOT Act Final Regulations Implementing CIPFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Customer Identification Program; CIP; Terrorist List; CIP Policy; Covered Account
USA PATRIOT Act - How It Applies To Mortgage Loans Closed By The Credit UnionFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
USA PATRIOT Act Model PolicyFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017
USA PATRIOT Act of 2001Federal Regulations201701011/1/2017
Using Consumer ReportsFederal Regulations201701011/1/2017Fair Credit Reporting Act; FCRA; Consumer Reporting Agency; CRA; Adverse Action;
ACH Origination Agreement (Short Form)Forms201701011/1/2017Automated Clearing House
ACH Origination Agreement (Long Form)Forms201701011/1/2017Automated Clearing House
ACH Services ApplicationForms201701011/1/2017Automated Clearing House
Affidavit of Domicile FormForms201701011/1/2017
Affidavit of ForgeryForms201701011/1/2017
Agreement to Perform Automated Clearing House Services (Credit Origination)Forms201701011/1/2017Security Procedures; Customer Authorization; Settlement; Rejection of Entries;
Agreement to Perform Automated Clearing House Services (Debit Origination) Debit AgreementForms201701011/1/2017Security Procedures; Customer Authorization; Settlement; Rejection of Entries;
Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Payments (ACH Debits)Forms201701011/1/2017Automated Clearing House
Automated Clearing House PolicyForms201701011/1/2017
Billpayer Account Access Agreement and Disclosure FormForms201701011/1/2017
Certification of Custodian of Records Form (Used For Subpoena Requests)Forms201701011/1/2017
Certification Regarding Internet Gambling (for all business accounts)Forms201701011/1/2017
Collection Action Request FormForms201701011/1/2017
CUNA Cardholder Dispute Form (Fraudulent Use)Forms201701011/1/2017Credit Card Fraud; Debit Card Fraud; ATM Fraud;
Direct PC Banking Services Disclosure Statement and Agreement FormForms201701011/1/2017Personal Identification Number; PIN; Online Banking; Remote Banking; Mobile Banking;
Dormant Account and Escheat PolicyForms201701011/1/2017Unclaimed Property
Employee Confidentiality AgreementForms201701011/1/2017
Indemnification Agreement for Return of Monies FormForms201701011/1/2017
Indemnification Agreement to be used when another financial institution requests the return of moniesForms201701011/1/2017
Loan Modification Request ChecklistForms201701011/1/2017
Loan Modification AgreementForms201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Document Checklists
- First Mortgage Loans Schedule
- Second Mortgage Loans Schedule
- Home Equity Loans Schedule
First Mortgage Loans ScheduleForms201701011/1/2017
Second Mortgage Loans ScheduleForms201701011/1/2017
Home Equity Loans ScheduleForms201701011/1/2017
Multistate Agreement to Convert Adjustable Rate Mortgage to Fixed Rate Form 3180 (FNMA/FHLMC)Forms201701011/1/2017
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)Forms2022122312/23/2022Non-Disclosure; NDA; MNDA; Confidentiality Agreement
NCUA Letter of Tax Exemption for Credit UnionsForms201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Notice of Settlement Act - FormForms201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Notice of Settlement Act - LetterForms201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Revised L-8 Form with Instructions - Feb 2018Forms201802162/16/2018NJ Division of Taxation; NJ Transfer Inheritance Tax; Release of Deceased Bank Accounts;
Notice of Intent to Foreclose with attached ScheduleForms201701011/1/2017NOI
Postponement of MortgageForms201701011/1/2017Subordination of Mortgage; Subordination
Power of Attorney Authorizing Loan from Credit UnionForms2017120412/4/2017POA
Power of Attorney Authorizing Making of Deposits and Withdrawals and Performance of Other ActsForms2017120412/4/2017POA
Power of Attorney Forms for Conducting Transactions at the Credit Union
- Limited Power of Attorney for Credit Union Transactions
- Broad Power of Attorney Form
Limited Power of Attorney for Credit Union TransactionsForms201701011/1/2017
Broad Power of Attorney FormForms201701011/1/2017
Release and Waiver of Liability in Regard to Large Cash WithdrawalForms201701011/1/2017
Remote Deposit Capture AgreementForms201701011/1/2017RDC; Check 21; Check Clearing for the 21st Century; Regulation CC; Check Scanning;
Request For Wire TransferForms201701011/1/2017
Risk-Based Lending Model PolicyForms201701011/1/2017FICO; FICO Scores; Fair Isaac; Risk Based Lending; RBL
Second Home Rider FormForms201701011/1/2017
Short Payoff Agreement FormForms201701011/1/2017
Slip and Fall Report 5-2016 (Word doc)Forms201701011/1/2017Injury; Member Injury; Injury on Credit Union Premises; Personal Injury
Social Media Guidelines Long FormForms201701011/1/2017Facebook; Twitter; Snapchat; Instagram
Social Media Guidelines Short FormForms201701011/1/2017Facebook; Twitter; Snapchat; Instagram
Stock Security Agreement and PledgeForms201701011/1/2017Stock Secured Loan; Secured Loan; Stock Certificate
Subpoena LogForms201701011/1/2017
Succession Plan Template - EmergencyForms201701011/1/2017
Succession Plan Template - XYZ CUForms201701011/1/2017
Wire Transfer AgreementForms201701011/1/2017Security Procedures; Fraud
Agreement to Correct and ComplyForms201808138/13/2018Correct, Comply, Agreement
Release and Waiver of Liability in Regard to Large Cash WithdrawalForms2018112011/20/2018Release, Waiver, Cash Withdrawal
Uniform Indemnification AgreementForms202208318/31/2022Uniform Indemnification Agreement
ACH Scam AlertFraud201701011/1/2017Automated Clearing House;
Check FraudFraud201701011/1/2017Check Fraud; Counterfeit Checks; NSF Checks; Non-Sufficient Funds Checks; Altered Checks; Closed Account Fraud
Fraud Alert - Wire Transfer ScamFraud201701011/1/2017
Fraudulent New Member Accounts Opened Through the MailFraud201701011/1/2017
Changing Interest Rate on Credit Cards – Regulation Z RestrictionsLending201701011/1/2017
Section 1026.9 Model Forms
- Section 1026.9 Model Forms
Closed-End Private Student Loans Truth-in-Lending RevisionsLending201701011/1/2017Application Disclosure; Solicitation Disclosure; Approval Disclosure; Co-Branding
Credit Card Act of 2009
- Card Act Changes Effective August 22, 2010
Card Act Changes Effective August 22, 2010Lending201701011/1/2017
Credit Card Disclosure Regulation Z AmendmentLending201701011/1/2017
Delinquent Credit Card Accounts and the Pledge of Shares
- Official Staff Commentary on Reg Z Truth in Lending
Official Staff Commentary on Reg Z Truth in LendingLending201701011/1/2017Pledge of Shares, Credit Card Pledge of Shares
Disclosure of the Right to Receive Copy of Real Estate Mortgage AppraisalLending201701011/1/2017Regulation B; Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Evaluating Loan Participation ProgramsLending201701011/1/2017
Lending Alert! Price of Taxi Medallions DecreasingLending201701011/1/2017
Loan Consolidation AgreementLending201701011/1/2017
Loans to TrustsLending201701011/1/2017
Medallion Market Update (July 2017)Lending201701011/1/2017Taxi Medallion
Multi-Featured Open-End Lending - Sample Loan Policy (Revised)Lending201701011/1/2017
NCUA Issues Unfair or Deceptive Credit Practice Rule for Credit CardsLending201701011/1/2017
Offset of Delinquent Credit Card Accounts No. 398 rev 3
- Marino vs American Airlines
Lending201701011/1/2017Pledge of Shares
Marino vs American AirlinesLending201701011/1/2017
Operations Guide - Co-Makers, Co-Borrowers, Guarantors - Knowing The Difference Between ThemLending201701011/1/2017
Operations Guide - Developing A Risk-Based Lending Policy
- Risk-Based Lending Model Policy
Risk-Based Lending Model PolicyLending201701011/1/2017
Participation Risks (Tax Medallions) of Growing ConcernLending201701011/1/2017
Pennsylvania Electronic Lien Titling ProgramLending201701011/1/2017
Regulation B Changes to Adverse Action NoticeLending201701011/1/2017
Skip-A-Payment ProgramLending201701011/1/2017
Taxi Medallion UpdatesLending201701011/1/2017
Taxi Medallion Update 3 (November 2017)
- Taxi Medallion Update 3 (November 2017)
- Taxi Medallion Update 2 (September 2017)
- Taxi Medallion Update 1 (July 2017)
Taxi Medallion Update 2 (September 2017)Lending201701011/1/2017
Taxi Medallion Update 1 (July 2017)Lending201701011/1/2017
Taxpayer First Act and Use of Tax Return InformationLending202001311/31/2020Tax Return, Information
Military Lending Act Policy Update Lending201804204/20/2018
Adverse Action Notices for Loan Modification AgreementsLending202402202/20/2024Adverse Action Notices Modification
FNMA-FHLMC Uniform Mortgage Form 3031 for NJ RevisedMortgages2023120412/4/2023FNMA-FHLMC Uniform Mortgage Form 2031 for NJ Revised
Qualified Written RequestsMortgages201903053/5/2019Written Requests, Loans
New Notice of Intention to ForecloseMortgages202003043/4/2020Foreclose, Notice of Intention, Foreclosure
Flood Insurance, Private Mortgage InsuranceMortgages201903223/22/2019Flood Insurance, Private Mortgage Insurance
Super Storm Sandy Mortgage Forbearance ProgramMortgages2019112611/26/2019Super, Storm, Sandy
Lending Guide - Trust LoansMortgages201905025/2/2019Lending Guide, Trusts, Loans
Changes to the Foreclosure Process in New JerseyMortgages201906266/26/2019Foreclosure, Changes
FNMA/FHLMC Revised Mortgage Form 3031 for New JerseyMortgages2022112811/28/20223031 FNMA FHLMC
ProChamps-Property Registration Service ProviderMortgages202308118/11/2023Prochamps Property Registration Service Provider
LIBOR transition to SOFRMortgages202206146/14/2022LIBOR transition SOFR
Adverse Action Notice for Loan Modification RequestsMortgages202201281/28/2022Adverse Action Notices for Modification Loan Requests
New Jersey Remote OnLine NotarizationMortgages202004164/16/2020NJ, New Jersey, Notary, Notarization, Remote
Mortgage Deficiency 2021Mortgages202108118/11/2021Mortgage, Deficiency
End of Forbearance and Foreclosure Eviction MoratoriumMortgages2021100410/4/2021Forbearance, Foreclosure, Eviction, Moratorium
Abandoned/Vacant PropertiesMortgages201701011/1/2017Mortgages
New Form - Agreement to Correct and Comply (Replaces E&O Letter)
- Agreement to Correct and Comply
Agreement to Correct and ComplyMortgages201701011/1/2017
CFPB Mortgage Rules
- Ability to Repay and Qualified Mortgage Rule
- Qualified Mortgages
- General Comparison of Ability to Repay Requirements
- Small Creditor Qualified Mortgages Flow Chart
- Rule Prohibiting Financing of Credit Insurance Premiums for Mortgage Loans
Ability to Repay and Qualified Mortgage RuleMortgages201701011/1/2017ATR; ATR Rule
Qualified MortgagesMortgages201701011/1/2017
General Comparison of Ability to Repay RequirementsMortgages201701011/1/2017
Small Creditor Qualified Mortgages Flow ChartMortgages201701011/1/2017
Rule Prohibiting Financing of Credit Insurance Premiums for Mortgage LoansMortgages201701011/1/2017
CFPB Mortgage Servicing Rules
- Force-Placed Insurance
- Loss Mitigation Procedures
- Adjustable Rate Disclosures
- Prompt Crediting of Payments
- Payoff Statements
- Link to CFPB Small Entity Compliance Guide
Force-Placed InsuranceMortgages201701011/1/2017
Loss Mitigation ProceduresMortgages201701011/1/2017
Adjustable Rate DisclosuresMortgages201701011/1/2017
Prompt Crediting of PaymentsMortgages201701011/1/2017
Payoff StatementsMortgages201701011/1/2017
Link to CFPB Small Entity Compliance GuideMortgages201701011/1/2017
Cover Sheet for Recording of Land DocumentsMortgages201701011/1/2017Mortgage; Mortgage Recording; County Clerk
Deficiency Actions After Foreclosure Judgments and State Anti-Deficiency LawsMortgages201701011/1/2017
First Mortgage Closing Procedures in NY and How Do They Differ from NJ - Lending GuideMortgages201701011/1/2017
Flood Insurance Additional RequirementsMortgages201701011/1/2017
Homeowner`s Protection Act of 1998 - Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)Mortgages201701011/1/2017
Insurance Monies Disbursement - Hurricane Sandy Operations GuideMortgages201701011/1/2017Superstorm; Mortgage Insurance Proceeds
Liens in Favor of Condominium AssociationMortgages201701011/1/2017
Loss Mitigation Procedures for Mortgage LoansMortgages201701011/1/2017Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; CFPB; Payment Forbearance; Loan Modification; Foreclosure Referral
Mortgage Appraisals - Special Rules Effective April 1, 2011Mortgages201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Commitment Letter and Lock-in AgreementMortgages201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program - New JerseyMortgages201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Loan Modification ProgramsMortgages201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Loan Originators HandoutMortgages201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Loan PrequalificationsMortgages201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Modification PolicyMortgages201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Subordination Requests
- Subordination Guide
- Subordination Request Forms
Subordination GuideMortgages201701011/1/2017
Subordination Request FormsMortgages201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Collateral Protection Insurance ActMortgages201701011/1/2017
New Jersey County Clerk Records Available OnlineMortgages201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Notice of Settlement Act
- New Jersey Notice of Settlement Act - Form
- New Jersey Notice of Settlement Act - Letter
New Jersey Notice of Settlement Act - FormMortgages201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Notice of Settlement Act - LetterMortgages201701011/1/2017
New York Mortgage Tax and Use of Consolidation, Extension and Modification AgreementMortgages201701011/1/2017
RESPA Revisions to GFE and HUD - Effective January 1, 2010
- RESPA Rules Frequently Asked Questions
- HUD - RESPA Web Site Home Page
- Tutorial on Completing Good Faith Estimate and HUD-1
Mortgages201701011/1/2017Good Faith Estimate; Housing and Urban Development
RESPA Rules Frequently Asked QuestionsMortgages201701011/1/2017
HUD - RESPA Web Site Home PageMortgages201701011/1/2017
Tutorial on Completing Good Faith Estimate and HUD-1Mortgages201701011/1/2017
SAFE Act for Mortgage Licensing and Registration of Residential MLOsMortgages201701011/1/2017Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing Act; Loan Originator; Loan Processor; Mortgage Loan Originator;
SAFE Act Sample Policy with FAQsMortgages201701011/1/2017Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing Act; Loan Originator; Loan Processor; Mortgage Loan Originator;
Second Home Rider FormMortgages201701011/1/2017
Short Sale Agreement Letter
- Short Payoff Agreement Form
Short Payoff Agreement FormMortgages201701011/1/2017
Tax SalesMortgages201701011/1/2017
Trust Letter (Word doc)Mortgages201701011/1/2017Loans to Trusts
Truth-In-Lending Amendment for Closed-End MortgagesMortgages201701011/1/2017
Why Must A Spouse Sign The Mortgage If Their Name Is Not On The DeedMortgages201701011/1/2017
Duties of Furnishers of Information - NCUA Regulation 717NCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017Fair Credit Reporting Act; Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act; FACT Act; FCRA; Consumer Disputes
Indirect Motor Vehicle Leasing PolicyNCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017Part 714
IRA Accounts - Increases in Share Insurance CoverageNCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017Individual Retirement Account
Joint Guidance on Overdraft Protection ProgramsNCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017Courtesy Pay
Leasing Regulation of NCUA (Part 714)NCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017
Loan Participation - NCUA Rule RevisionsNCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017
NCUA Bylaws Revised 2006 - Regulatory UpdateNCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017
NCUA Statutory Lien - Revised December 2011NCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017Pledge of Shares
Privacy Regulations for Service OrganizationsNCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017
Privacy of Consumer Financial InformationNCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017Confidential Information; Personally Identifiable Financial Information; Privacy Notice
Regulation FF -- Obtaining and Using Medical Information In Connection With CreditNCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017
Security Program (Confidentiality of Member Information) NCUA Part 748NCUA Regulations201701011/1/2017Privacy; Personally Identifiable Financial Information; Service Providers
Flood Insurance, Private Mortgage InsuranceNCUA Regulations201903223/22/2019
Interagency Statement Clarifying the Role of Supervisory GuidanceNCUA Regulations2018101010/10/2018Interagency, Statement, Supervisory Guidance
Meeting of the Members Held VirtuallyNCUA Regulations2022121212/12/2022Virtually in-person hybrid
Expulsion Bylaw Amendment Adopted by NCUANCUA Regulations202309069/6/2023Expulsion Bylaw Amendment Adopted
Safe Deposit Box Laws in New JerseyNew Jersey Law201806286/28/2018safe deposit box rental agreement incapacity vaults surveillance receptacle grids
NJ Inheritance Tax Waiver RequirementsNew Jersey Law2020111811/18/2020
New Jersey Revised Durable Power of Attorney ActNew Jersey Law202202022/2/2022New Jersey Revised Durable Power of Attorney Act
NJ Inheritance and Estate TaxNew Jersey Law202308238/23/2023Inheritance Estate Tax
Affidavit of DomicileNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Deceased Member; New Jersey Taxation
ATM Security Measures in New JerseyNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Automated Teller Machine
Auto Shutoff Device LegislationNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Motor Vehicle; Automobile; Ignition Disconnect
Civil Union ActNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Protection Against Discrimination; New Jersey Domestic Partnership Act; New Jersey Civil Union Act
Domestic Partnership ActNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Protection Against Discrimination; New Jersey Domestic Partnership Act; New Jersey Civil Union Act
Financial Institution Data Match ProgramNew Jersey Law2017110111/1/2017
Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts ("IOLTA"). New federal Law Removes Restraints on IOLTA Accounts for Federally Insured Credit Unions
- IOLTA Exhibits
New Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
IOLTA ExhibitsNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
Family Support Data Match - New JerseyNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act; Child Support Order; Child Support; Data Match; Levy
Mortgage Foreclosures in NJ - Courts Implement Mediation ProgramNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
Multiple Party Deposit Account ActNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Do Not Call LawNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Gift Card ActNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Governmental Unit Deposit Protection ActNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017GUDPA; Municipal Deposits
New Jersey Home Ownership Security Act of 2002
- Preemption of New Jersey Homeownership Security Act of 2002
New Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Abusive Lending Practices; Predatory Lending; High Cost Mortgage Loans
Preemption of New Jersey Homeownership Security Act of 2002
- NCUA Opinion Letter
- Amendments to the New Jersey Home Ownership Security Act of 2002
New Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
NCUA Opinion LetterNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
Amendments to the New Jersey Home Ownership Security Act of 2002New Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Identity Theft Prevention ActNew Jersey Law202205165/16/2022Identity Theft Prevention Act
New Jersey Mortgage Cancellation LawNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Revised L-8 Form with Instructions - Feb 2018New Jersey Law201802162/16/2018Deceased Member; New Jersey Inheritance Tax Division
New Jersey Motor Vehicle "Lemon Law"New Jersey Law201701011/1/2017
New Jersey Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (Updated 4/2017)New Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Escheat; Abandoned Property
NJ ATM Law Amendment - Notice Indicating Name & Phone Number of OperatorNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Automated Teller Machine
NJ Department of Labor Recordkeeping PosterNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Employment Law; Notice to Employees
Out-of-State Child Support OrderNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Levy; Bank Levy
Paid Family Leave LegislationNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017PFLL; Covered Employees
Uniform Transfers to Minors ActNew Jersey Law201701011/1/2017Uniform Gifts to Minors Act; UTMA; UGTMA
Affidavit in Lieu of Administration of Small (Intestate) EstatesOperations201701011/1/2017Deceased Member; Legal Representative; Surrogate; Surrogate’s Certificate
Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment - FFIEC Guidance FAQs and Small Entity Compliance GuideOperations201701011/1/2017
Automated Clearing House DocumentsOperations201701011/1/2017Originator; Originating Depository Financial Institution; ODFI; Receiving Depository Financial Institution; RDFI; NACHA; ACH
Business Membership Due Diligence ChecklistOperations201701011/1/2017
Code of EthicsOperations201701011/1/2017Board of Directors
Credit Union`s Obligation to Investigate Disputed Information Provided to Credit Reporting AgenciesOperations201701011/1/2017Fair Credit Reporting Act; Credit Report; CRA
Deceased Members: Affidavits of Surviving Spouse, Domestic Partner or Next of KinOperations201701011/1/2017Estate; Surrogate; Legal Representative
Disputes from Members Concerning Credit Reporting by the Credit Union – Obligations of the Credit Union Under FCRAOperations2017110311/3/2017
Dormant Account and Escheat PolicyOperations201701011/1/2017Unclaimed Property; Abandoned Property; Inactivity; Inactive Account
Elder Abuse - What to DoOperations2022101410/14/2022Elder Abuse
Electronic Remote Deposit Service for Members Opinion Letter of NCUAOperations201701011/1/2017
Escrow and IOLTA Interest
- NCUA 745-2
NCUA 745-2Operations201701011/1/2017
European Union General Data Protection RegulationOperations201804244/24/2018
Fraud Alert - Wire Transfer ScamOperations201701011/1/2017
Gift Cards - New Jersey and Federal LawOperations201701011/1/2017
Guaranteeing Signatures on Stock TransfersOperations201701011/1/2017STAMP; STAMP Medallion; Stock Certificates;
Indemnification of Directors, Officers and EmployeesOperations201701011/1/2017
IRS 1099-C Reporting of Discharged DebtOperations201701011/1/2017
IRS Levies, The Proper Handling Of - Operations GuideOperations201701011/1/2017Levy; Internal Revenue Service
Issues to Consider Prior to Terminating a Contract - Sample Termination LetterOperations201701011/1/2017Vendor; Vendor Contract; Vendor Agreement
Minors` Deposit AccountsOperations201701011/1/2017
Multi-Factor Authentication of Member Electronic Transactions Operations GuideOperations201701011/1/2017Security Procedures; Electronic Signatures
Multi-Featured Open-End LendingOperations201701011/1/2017
Negotiation Policy for Vendor ContractsOperations201701011/1/2017Vendor; Vendor Agreements
New Jersey Powers of Attorney Act for Credit UnionsOperations201701011/1/2017POA; Principal; Agent
Notary Public - New Jersey RequirementsOperations201701011/1/2017
Operations Guide - Opening Business Deposit Accounts and Deposit Account FormsOperations201701011/1/2017Sole Proprietorship; Partnership; Corporation; Limited Liability Company; Trade Name; Corporate Resolution; Tax Identification Number; TIN
Plastic Card LossesOperations201701011/1/2017ATM Card; Debit Card, Credit Card; Plastic Card Fraud; Fraud
Records Preservation and Retention ProgramOperations201701011/1/2017
Remote Deposit Capture Operations Guide with AttachmentsOperations201701011/1/2017Check 21; Funds Availability Policy
Safe Deposit Box RulesOperations201701011/1/2017
Security Deposits and Trust AccountsOperations201701011/1/2017Share Insurance
SEPs - Retirement Plans for Small BusinessesOperations201701011/1/2017Simplified Employee Pension Retirement Account; 408(K); IRA; Individual Retirement Account; IRS Publication 560
Social Security Administration Reclamation ProceduresOperations201701011/1/2017
Social Security Representative Payee AccountsOperations201701011/1/2017
STAMP Signature Guarantee ProgramOperations201701011/1/2017Stock Certificate; Stock Transfer; Medallion; Medallion STAMP; Securities Transfer Association Medallion Program
Standard & Poor`s Research Update dated August 5, 2011Operations201701011/1/2017
Star Processing Mastercard Target Settlement and LetterOperations201701011/1/2017
Subpoena PolicyOperations201701011/1/2017Subpoena Duces Tecum
Subpoenas, Release of Information Concerning MembersOperations201701011/1/2017Subpoena Duces Tecum
Succession Planning - Operations GuideOperations201701011/1/2017
Sweepstakes, Lotteries and ContestsOperations201701011/1/2017
Tax SalesOperations201701011/1/2017
Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991
- Privacy - Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Examination Worksheet
Privacy - Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Examination WorksheetOperations201701011/1/2017
Trust Accounts (Revised September, 2012)Operations201701011/1/2017
Vendor Management and Deposit Account Agreement WorkbookOperations201701011/1/2017Vendor Due Diligence and Oversight; Vendor Contract; Signature Cards; Membership Application
Vendor Management PolicyOperations201701011/1/2017
Wire Transfer Agreement, Why The Credit Union Should Use One - Operations GuideOperations201701011/1/2017
Convenience FeesOperations202305015/1/2023Convenience Fees
Trusted Contact PolicyOperations202306096/9/2023Trusted Contact Policy
Meeting of the Members Held VirtuallyOperations2022121212/12/2022Virtually in-person hybrid
Social Security CardsOperations2022111711/17/2022Social Security Cards
Mobile Banking - Reducing the Risk of a Double Check DepositOperations202203223/22/2022Mobile Banking Remote Deposit
New Jersey Revised Durable Power of Attorney ActOperations202202022/2/2022New Jersey Revised Durable Power of Attorney Act
Altered/Forged Signature Check PolicyOperations202208108/10/2022Altered/Forged Signature Check Policy
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITINs)Operations202208158/15/2022ITINs
Uniform Indemnification AgreementOperations202208318/31/2022Uniform Indemnification Agreement
IRS 1099-C Reporting of Discharged LoansOperations202201141/14/2022IRS 1099-C Reporting of Discharged Loans
Identity Theft AffidavitOperations201805215/21/2018
New Jersey Remote OnLine NotarizationOperations202004164/16/2020NJ, New Jersey, Notary, Notarization, Remote
New Jersey Temporary Remote Notary LawOperations202005235/23/2020Notary
Records Retention PolicyOperations202005235/23/2020Records Retention Policy
Records Retention GuidelinesOperations202005235/23/2020Records Retention Guidelines
Template - Decedent Account FAQ 2021Operations202107267/26/2021Template, Decedent, FAQ
Template - Affidavit of Domicile FillableOperations202107267/26/2021Template, Affidavit, Domicile, Fillable
Form L-8Operations202107267/26/2021Form, L-8
Operations Guide - Overdraft Protection Program DisclosuresOperations201807117/11/2018overdraft protection overdraft bounce program
Wire Transfer Policy & ProceduresOperations201805215/21/2018
Deceased Members: Affidavits of Surviving Spouse, Domestic Partner or Next of KinOperations201804204/20/2018
New Jersey, Estate Tax, Inheritance TaxOperations2018100410/4/2018
Amendments to Regulation CC concerning Remote Deposit of ChecksOperations201904084/8/2019Remote Deposit, Checks
Coronavirus Disease 2019Operations202003063/6/2020Corona Virus, Coronavirus
Pandemic PlanningOperations202003133/13/2020Pandemic, Coronavirus, Planning
Trust Deposit Accounts Family Trust Disclosure StatementOperations202401311/31/2024Trust Deposit Accounts Family Trust Disclosure Statement
Power of AttorneyOperations202402062/6/2024Power of Attorney
Reactivating Dormant Accounts PolicyPolicies2023102610/26/2023Reactivating Dormant Accounts Policy
Deceased Member PolicyPolicies2023110811/8/2023Deceased
Policy for Denying Services to Certain MembersPolicies202003053/5/2020Denying Certain Members
Red Flags PolicyPolicies201805065/6/2018
Wire Transfer Policy & ProceduresPolicies201805215/21/2018
Remote Access PolicyPolicies2021101810/18/2021Remote, Access, Policy
Automated Clearing House PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
Bank LeviesPolicies201701011/1/2017Levy
Bank Secrecy Act Policy
- Federal Reserve Board FAQs Relating to CIP Program Rules
Policies201701011/1/2017USA Patriot Act; CIP; Identity Verification Standards
Federal Reserve Board FAQs Relating to CIP Program RulesPolicies201701011/1/2017
Code of Ethics PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
Credit Card and ATM/Debit Card Unauthorized or Disputed Charges PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
Credit Union Policy on Member Identity Theft and Unauthorized Access to Member Information Including Red Flags SectionPolicies201701011/1/2017
Dormant Account and Escheat PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017Unclaimed Property, Inactive Accounts
Electronic Communications PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017Fax Machine, Modem, Fax, Cell Phone, E-Mail
Indirect Motor Vehicle Leasing PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
Mortgage Modification PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
Negotiation Policy for Vendor ContractsPolicies201701011/1/2017
Office of Foreign Assets Control PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017OFAC; Blocked Account; Blocking; Specially Designated Nationals; Blocked Persons; OFAC SDN List
Risk-Based Lending Model PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
SAFE Act Sample Policy with Appendix A to Part 761Policies201701011/1/2017Secure and Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing Act
SAFE Act Sample Policy with FAQsPolicies201701011/1/2017
SCRA Policy with AttachmentsPolicies201701011/1/2017Service Members Civil Relief Act; SCRA
Subpoena PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
USA PATRIOT Act Model PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017Customer Identification Program; CIP; Money Laundering; Terrorist Activity; Bank Secrecy Act; Office of Foreign Assets Control; Suspicious Activity Report
Vendor Management PolicyPolicies201701011/1/2017
Identity Theft - Auto Loan and HELOC AdvanceScam Alert201701011/1/2017
Selling Repossessed Collateral Including Cars and Boats – Uniform Commercial Code Notice RequirementsUniform Commercial Code201701011/1/2017UCC; Sale of Collateral; Disposition of Collateral; Disposition Notice; Application of Proceeds from Sale of Collateral; Sale of Repossessed Vehicle; Notice to Member
Cashier Teller or Certified ChecksUniform Commercial Code202309219/21/2023Cashier Teller Certified
Declaration of Loss for a Lost Destroyed or Stolen Cashier Teller or Certified CheckUniform Commercial Code202309219/21/2023Declaration Stolen Lost Destroyed
Families First Coronavirus Response Act Notice FAQsOperations / Coronavirus202004014/1/2020Corona Virus, Coronavirus, Response Act
Employer Paid Leave RequestOperations / Coronavirus202004014/1/2020Coronavirus, paid leave
Coronavirus Response ActOperations / Coronavirus202004014/1/2020Coronavirus, response act
FFCRA Revised FAQ MemoOperations / Coronavirus202004014/1/2020Coronavirus, revised memo
FFCRA Poster Non-FederalOperations / Coronavirus202004014/1/2020Coronavirus, poster
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Reg F) Final Rule Effective November 30, 2021Collections2021111211/12/2021Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Reg F, Regulation F, Final Rule
American Rescue Plan Act of 2021Employment Law2021111611/16/2021American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

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